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Why Steel?

  • 100% recyclable
  • 50 year AXXIS® NZ Steel durability statement
  • Light weight
  • High strength
  • Faster on site with reduced temporary bracing and no re-work
  • Extremely stable, does not shrink, warp or twist so no builder call-backs for sticking doors, windows or shrinking walls
  • High quality of finished interiors due of the straightness of framing and studs
  • Cannot support growth of harmful mould, algae or fungus
  • Proven over time in New Zealand and all around the world
  • Compatable with any roofing and cladding system
  • Zero water content means lining can start as soon as the building is closed in
  • Zero water absorbtion means no delays due to wet weather (apparently it rains in New Zealand!)
  • Superior quality for a similar cost to traditional framing products
  • Most service holes for electrical and plumbing are pre punched
  • Computer manufacture ensures accuracy and minimal waste
  • Engineer bracing design is included in quote
  • Bracing is achieved using a combination of "K" braces in the framing system and standard fixed gib. There is generally no need for specific ply or gib bracing
  • Carries the Asthma foundation tick. No leeching of toxic chemicals
  • Reduced waste on the building site


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